Friday, August 15, 2014

Make your own quotes.................

The more I embrace all forms of social media the more I see people quoting other's quotes.
Stealing audience, commanding space, demanding notoriety, sharing other's thoughts, grabbing attention......
Liking other's likes, because they feel obliged, or that there are few alternatives!
using other's moment to try an make them their own,
using other's word's  to embellish themselves - hanging on coat tails.........

We need to make our own "quotes".
"Make" our own moments.
Share only what is good.
Balance the real with the virtual.
"Make" our own statements.
Live our own lives - our real life, the ones we actually live.

One's  that define us - each, individually.
Use our own platforms, think or own thoughts, do our own deeds
Be authentic, if not only to ourselves!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I am African.....

I recently met a young man from France. In the short space of 30 minutes we had a great conversation about art, destiny, beliefs, doctrines and passions. His parting remark was a comment about "people like me" - "white Africans"

This was new to him, something unexpected, something mysterious, something, until he had come to Africa, he had not previously thought about or considered and I was one! He seemed extraordinarily happy to meet one!

I am an African and sometimes - even I forget it, forget that it is essentially who I am, that being African has forged my character, defined my belief system and made me who I am.

It has made me strong and independent.
More accepting of differences and political change.
It has made me physical and outdoor centric. Tough and handy.
It has taught me about prejudice, tolerance, diversity, war, impermanence, of always expecting the unexpected, of dictators, despots and crackpots. I have seen the results of greed.
It has shown me famine and strife and life unfair.

I am wiser and braver.
I fear less and am more appreciative and more grateful than perhaps if I were from somewhere else.
I have learned to embrace differences, understand the struggles, repression and oppression

I appreciate nature's beauty and harshness, unspoiled landscapes and wildlife in their natural habitat.

Being African is the essence of me, one aligned to the elements, to the earth with some heritage, but no culture, no tribe, somewhat detached,  because I am a white African -

but African nevertheless!

I have learned to embrace all of what being African means in spite of or despite of the wrongs, the wars, the beauty, the defiance and pride, the imbalance of wealth, of desperate poverty, inequality, race, repression and oppression, of hope and charity and of a will and strength not seen, anywhere else

I am glad
and I am proud
I am African

Thursday, December 5, 2013

LCHF revisited

It has been a year since I started eating this way so thought I would revisit my experience with LCHF.    This was my original post:  LCHF

First, I must say how amazed and surprised and pleased I was by the response I had to the original post. From ordinary people, some converts and some of the world's leading advocates of this subject!

I have easily settled into this lifestyle!  I have stopped the intense research into LCHF, as I understand it, and understand that it works for me, and I know I will continue with this way of eating. I still learn something everyday and am fascinated at where my reading takes me - the dangers of aspartame, autism, organic, free-range, adhd, disruptive behavior in young children, grain fed, the dangers of sugar and trans fats, migraines, LP(a) cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, hydrogenated oils,  PCOS, chemicals we consume, cancers and sugar, limiting calories, fasting days, inflammation and it causes, and so it goes on.
I am loving the continued learning and what I have learned so far, is, that our bodies, how they look and how they function, are almost entirely a result of what we put in our mouths - simple!

As much as I do stick to the foods I listed previously, I walked the Camino de Santiago during the month of September.
Walking through rural Spain and not being able to cook offered me some challenges, so I had to, on occasion, resort to some bread, tortilla, croissant, even a small cerveza on a hot day and the odd pasta or an odd spoon of sugar in my cafe con leche and no harm done! That was good for me as I realised once you have established the lifestyle, the odd deviance is OK!

As soon as I returned home I easily slipped back into my usual routine.  I no longer consciously think about what I am eating, I know what to shop for and then just eat whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it.  I have no set meal times. I definitely eat less food than I used to.

Being a year down the line, I have just had some blood tests done with my GP. Here they are:

Total cholesterol: 8
HDL: 2.78
LDH: 4.72
Triglycerides: 1.05
Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio: 2.88 - ideal
HDL/LDL Ratio: 0.586 - ideal
Triglyceride/HDL ratio: 0.856 - ideal

Fasting blood glucose 4.8 - normal

Vit D3 level: 34 and this after I have been taking  Calciferol ( 50000 units) for the last few weeks ( my research showed me that Vit D3 was very important and I was well below what it should have been) So I supplement weekly and get a good dose of sunshine:)
The only other supplements I take are Magnesium and MCT oil.

My Doctor is very supportive of my lifestyle and understands what I am doing. She said she would not interfere with my chosen lifestyle for as long as I remain as obviously healthy as I am, and without any good cause, but, did insist that I undergo a CRP blood test. This test is done to measure the amount of a protein  C-reactive in your blood. C -reactive measures general levels of inflammation in your body, mine was:
0.61 (anything under 1 is considered low risk)  and
the combined inflammation marker was 1

The last one is done because it is now recognised that  inflammation is a measure that needs to be taken into account when assessing risk for cardiac disease. The causes of inflammation are a whole other research project for me!

My weight 61.4kgs
My body fat 26% (would like to be 24%)
Blood pressure: 100/60
BMI 20
I still feel great and love exercising:)

I believe there is a slow ground swell, with more people  realising that the standard low fat, high carb, sugar and grain filled diet is making us fat and sick. The more open minded we are to questioning this indoctrinated way of eating, the healthier we will become. I acknowledge that there is no one way of eating, for everyone, each body needs to find a "recipe" that suits them. Don't just follow the crowd, the crowd is sick!

I believe the "reformed" way of eating will over time affect almost everything around us, from health care, insurance, life expectancy, savings, investments, the next generation, clothing manufacture, how your GP operates, how you perform at work and play, medicine manufacture, agriculture production, elite athletic performance, days lost to sick leave, the fast food business, not to mention the processed food business as a whole........OK so now I am getting carried away and basically saying life as we know it could change... ...but who doesn't want to loose excess weight and feel wonderful, fit,healthy, bright and alert everyday for the rest of our lives?